Top 3 Must-Have SLAYCATION accessories

Top 3 Must-Have SLAYCATION accessories

We see you boo catching flights, and not feelings all summer 2019! And we can’t blame you! However, don’t forget your most important summer vacation accessories this summer! We’ll keep it simple and give you (what we think) are the Top 3 Must Have items to take in your luggage:

#1 Two Pair of Chic Style Sunglasses—To not only strut your sassiness boo, but to protect those gorgeous eyes. Colorful shades are popping for 2019 babes, and your favorite boutique The Sassy Boo Boutique has got you covered. Get our seamless shades Very Berry and Neon Lemonade shades before they sell out fast! UV protection included. Go to

#2 Oversized Floppy Hat—Chic, Sexy, and Effortless. This accessory can turn a simple look to a FIERCE one. This accessory is perfect for the beach, an outdoor concert, or festival. Not only does it change the entire look of an outfit, it does a good job protecting the melanin on our faces! Don’t go anywhere without this!

#3 Classic Solid Clutch—Pastel color or neon preferred for the summer! This is a must have for dinner or a cute lunch date with bae. You don’t want a handbag too large for this kind of setting. You’ll have nowhere to put it! A clutch is perfect to keep your credit cards, shades, and car keys in!

Let us know what your Top 3 are loves!


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